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E - Series

E Series Pump

Since its foundation in 1984, ALMATEC Maschinenbau GmbH has kept on defining the current state of the art of air operated diaphragm pumps via decent product characteristics.
At the Achema 2009 ALMATEC has introduced the new E-Series as succeeding series to the A-Series.

The development of the E-Series is based on the extensive experiences with the proven pumps models and offers a large variety of new, market-relevant advantages:

  • further increases pump security due to innovative ring-tightening structure
  • increase capacity
  • decreased air consumption
  • reduced noise level
  • optimised flow pattern
  • pulsation damper suitable for flange connection

As common, the housing parts are tightened to each other via housing bolts. However, instead of single bolts pressing punctually against the housing, all housing bolts are now tightened against a diaphragm-sized ring per side. This structure results in more evenly spreading the housing bolt force and in an increased permissible bolt torque - in the end an increased pump safety which is assisted by further improvements of construction details. The flow resistance is reduced via an optimized flow pattern to increase the efficiency factor of the pump. Compared to the A-Series, the same air flow achieves a higher fluid flow, respectively less air flow is required fro the same fluid flow. The pulsation damper can still be used an integrated model on top of the pump. However, an additional version with flange connection is available now.

A - Series

ALMATEC®'s A-Series using polymer materials has been developed on the basis of extensive experience in the production of pneumatic diaphragm pumps, they offer numerous advantages meeting today's market requirements. Six sizes with max. delivery volumes of
  • 0,6 m3/h (A 08)
  • 1,2 m3/h (A 10)
  • 3 m3/h (A 15)
  • 6 m3/h (A 25)
  • 18 m3/h (A 40)
  • 32 m3/h (A 50)

make it possible to choose exactly the right pump for the specific application. A variety of materials is available for the A-Series pumps:

  • Housing - PE, PE conductive, PTFE, PTFE conductive
  • Diaphragms - EPDM, PTFE/EPDM
  • Ball valves - EPDM, PTFE, stainless steel
  • Cylinder valves - PE, PTFE

AH series

ALMATEC®'s high-pressure diaphragm pumps have been specially developed for charging filter presses with chemical wastes and special sludge.

With a driving pressure of max. 7 bar, the pumps of series AH build up a delivery pressure of 16 bar on account of the internal pressure boost.These genuine double-action pneumatic diaphragm pumps are available in three sizes with a maximum delivery volume of

  • 4 m3/h (AH 15)
  • 10 m3/h (AH 25)
  • 20 m3/h (AH 40

All housing parts in contact with the product are made of PE UHMW. This polymer material is seven times more resistant to abrasion than PP. PE is also more resistant to wear than cast iron, aluminium and even steel.


Particular attention has been paid to the form of the product chambers when designing the metal pneumatic diaphragm pumps from ALMATEC®.Result: soft contours, smooth flow channels and no dead spaces. The three pump sizes in the CHEMICOR series permit a maximum delivery volume of

  • 4.5 m3/h (AD 20)
  • 9 m3/h (AD 32)
  • 24 m3/h (AD 50)

A variety of materials is available for the metal ALMATEC pumps:

  • Housing - Aluminium, stainless steel precision casting 1.4408, 1.4408 polished
  • Diaphragms - EPDM, PTFE/EPDM
  • Ball valves - EPDM, PTFE


The FUTUR-PLUS series has been specially developed to meet the stringent requirements of the semiconductor industry.These self-priming pneumatic diaphragm pumps are protected against dry running and are available in three different materials:

Two metal free types
  • - PTFE for acids and caustics
  • - PTFE/UPPE for slurries
  • - SS 316 L for solvents

The series comprises three pumps rated at 20, 50 and 100 l/min.

The FUTUR-PLUS pumps are cleaned, assembled and undergo final inspection in a clean-room line class 100.

These pumps can also be used in the chemicals and pharmaceuticals industries, as well as others, in addition to the semiconductor industry. They are preferably used to pump aggressive, corrosive, ultrapure and/or hot media.

AD 6

ALMATEC® pneumatic diaphragm pumps of type AD 6 are a special development for laboratory applications and for sampling water from wells for continuous monitoring of the groundwater under landfills.

They have a maximum delivery volume of 250 l/h which can be infinitely varied by adjusting the air flow. AD 6 pumps are equipped with spring-loaded valves and can therefore be installed in any position.

The housing is made of solid PTFE conductive. This material is resistant to corrosion by virtually all media. Its conductivity permits use of the pump in explosion-hazard areas and for inflammable liquids.

CX series

ALMATEC® pneumatic diaphragm pumps of series CX are used as general-purpose pumps for low to medium duty and also as drum pumps.

CX pumps are self-priming and protected against dry running. They are used to empty containers down to the very last drop and can therefore be used for complete and unattended transfer of liquids from one container to another.

The series comprises four pump sizes with maximum delivery volumes of 10, 20, 50 and 130 l/min. The housings are made of solid PE conductive for the use in explosion-protected areas. Almatec® is the registered trade mark of Almatec