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Dropout Air Cleaner

Dropout removes 99.999% of liquid from your air line and particulates down to 1 micron. Preventing wear to your pump and also protecting the environment around the exhaust of the pump. No filter element means no maintenance costs.. For more details see our Dropout page

Air Regulator

When an air pump has product in it, the loading of the diaphragm is balanced on the air and liquid sides. But when the pump is empty and the liquid pressure is nil the pump runs excessively fast causing mechanical stress to the diaphragms and early failure. The regulator should be fitted to the line and preset approximately 10 PSI higher than the required pumping pressure, this ensures minimum damage in the event of extensive dry running. The regulator is often incorrectly used for flow control, this is unsuitable due to possible changes in Head Loss caused by altering viscosity, affecting the flow rate up or down and also this usually means the air pressure is set too close to the operating pressure causing regular stalling.

Needle Valve

The cheapest and most effective method to control the speed of the pump is to install a needle valve after the Regulator and before the pump inlet. By controlling the volume of air entering the pump you can relatively accurately control the flow and in the event of dry running the pump speed is controlled


The above equipment should be installed with every pump installation individually and as the cost is less than that of an air valve, it is probably the best preventative maintenance you can give your production.