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Diaphragm Pumps Ltd are official Blagdon Pumps Distributors

Blagdon's air-operated double diaphragm pumps have long been recognised as the "work horse" of industry, handling difficult liquids at relatively low pressures and flows. The range of applications is virtually limitless. Blagdon AODD pumps come in many sizes and choices of materials of construction.

Almost every type of liquid from highly corrosive acids through to high viscosity paints and adhesives, to food and drink products can be pumped.Blagdon is committed to providing customers with an exceptional product and service. Blagdon will endeavour at all times to provide unrivalled customer satisfaction. Blagdon strive towards this goal through a process of continuous improvement in order that they can maintain their status as world class leaders.

Diaphragm Pumps Ltd are stock holders for Blagdon Pumps and Spares. Please use the menu on the right to find your ideal Blagdon Air Operated Diaphragm Pump.

Also SandPIPER® now market the 1/4" Pump as an E02 along with Blagdon's sanitary range

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