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Dominator Air Operated Hygienic Diaphragm Pumps


This series of Dominator pumps is manufactured in Sweden and has been designed to meet the strict hygienic requirements of the food and pharmaceutical industry.

The inlet and outlet pipes are equipped with clamp bands and wing nuts for rapid disassembly, cleaning and reassembly.

All wetted parts are in polished stainless steel SIS 2343 and the non-wetted parts in chem-nickled aluminum. Diaphragms and valve balls are available in various materials.

The pumps are equipped with dairy connections according to SMS, DIN or Tri-clamp, except for the smallest pump which have ½” male threads or Tri-clamp.

The pumps can be sterilized by autoclave or “CIP”-cleaned up to +130°C, providing that they are equipped with suitable diaphragms and valve balls.

The discharge capacity is proportional to the stroking speed and can be infinitely varied from 0-100 % by regulating the compressed air supply with a pressure regulator, or with a valve on the discharge pipe.

The pumps are equipped with our patented air valve system. With this unique valve there is no risk that the valve will stall in the centricity, and cause production break-down.

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