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Pneumatic Pump Control

The single float design This 'Roller lever' valve operates with a rigid float and is suitable for mounting outside the tank. Suitable for applications, including:-
Emergency Shut Off / Start
Control of Standby / Assist Pump

If a float system is not suitable, we have the alternative of a dip tube system, For example the ARO® All Pneumatic Liquid Level Sensor, which senses the back pressure (or lack of) in a compatible tube located in the tank and turns on/off the pump accordingly. The alternative is our Float switch operated Unit which has two float switches. One, an all Stainless Steel Immersible unit (requires a hole in the side wall) and the other a top mounted Float. This system is closed and does not waste air.Float switch controlled Pneumatic System

If the depth is shallow 2 Top mounted Floats can be used, allowing a Polypropylene or PTFE float instead of Stainless Steel, therefore giving broader chemical compatibility.