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Self Priming Diaphragm Pumps

Since 1969 Caffini Cipriano has produced the largest pump range, with many different materials, satisfying many industrial needs. Export Sales account for 90% of their whole production.


Motorised Diaphragm Pump from Libellula
  • Possibility of working in dry conditions indefinitely.
  • Fast, dry self-priming up 7 mt in depth in a few seconds (4,5 mt. for Microlib).
  • No seal or rotating parts are in contact with the pumped liquid.
  • High resistance to abrasive and corrosive liquids.
  • Large passage of solids.
  • Proportional capacity to diaphragm's pulsations number.
  • Wear parts are easily replaced.


  • MUNICIPALITIES AND UTILITIES: draining of excavations repairing waterworks, sewerages, emergencies, etc...
  • BUILDING INDUSTRY: draining of excavations, cleaning of pits, bentonite sludge, etc..
  • MARBLE INDUSTRY: dressing water circulation, pumping out settled sludge, etc.
  • FOOD INDUSTRY: tomato juice and paste, pulpe and juice fruit, jam, sugary solutions, etc..
  • ANIMAL BREEDING INDUSTRY: blood, reject of abbatoir liquids fodders, fertilisers, etc..
  • WATER TREATMENT INDUSTRY: mud, dye works water, ect..
  • CHEMICAL INDUSTRY: acid or basic fluid dosage, adhesives, paints, emulsions, cosmetic products, lattex (rubber industry), etc..
  • SHIPBUILDING INDUSTRY: bilge pumping, draining sludges, cleaning tanks, etc..