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Proven reliability sums up TREBOR's air-operated, double diaphragm chemical pumps. Since 1979, TREBOR pumps have led the microelectronics pump market in purity, reliability and support.

Compatible with virtually all process acids and solvents, TREBOR pump flow paths are constructed of all PTFE and PFA with no elastomer O-ring seals. These compact pumps utilize few moving parts, have excellent dry start self-priming capabilities, feature our patented floating PTFE O-ring check valves for maximum suction lift, and are constructed with non-penetrated double layer PFA or PTFE diaphragms for long operating life. All TREBOR pumps are assembled, tested, and packaged in a class 1000 clean room and have a one year warranty.

New Maxim Pumps

TREBOR's Maxim Series chemical pumps save you money with low maintenance and long operating life while providing greater process purity. Here's why...


Maxim air-operated double diaphragm pumps contain no metal parts or elastomer O-rings, and include a fluid path consisting entirely of virgin PTFE and PFA materials. Best of all, this design eliminates any possibility of pump-associated process contamination.

Chemical Compatibility

Pump virtually any chemical, whether acid or solvent. The Maxim's non-metallic construction and pneumatic operation prove ideal for your most aggressive environments.

Low Cost of Ownership

Plan on two plus years until the Maxim's first recommended service interval, with simple annual PM's. Really! This reliability is a result of a durable and surprisingly simple design. When service is needed, the Maxim requires few, relatively inexpensive replacement parts. Also, all TREBOR pumps are field serviceable, or Trebor offer a factory rebuild and re-warranty program with fast turnaround times. A 2-year no maintenance warranty is standard.

All Maxim pump configurations share many common parts. Thus, by standardizing on this pump series to meet all your chemical pumping needs, you can reduce inventory, training and maintenance requirements.

Retrofit Ease

The Maxim's modular design, multiple control options, and various plumbing and fluid connection choices allow for easy retrofit into existing installations.

Compact Size

Don't laugh at the Maxim 50's small size of 10" W x 8" D x 10"H. It really does handle flows up to 50 lpm (13 gpm), continuous temperatures up to 180°C and pressures up to 80 psig; same with the Maxim 25 at 7.5"W x 8"H x 6.4"D for flow rates up to 30 lpm. Just think of the saved space and retrofit ease!

Specialising in Pumps for the semiconductor manufacturing Industry, Trebor now offer Sandpiper Pumps badged as Dynaflo

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