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Wilden M Series

What Happened to the M-SERIES pump? As a result of Wilden's continual pursuit of new pump technology, the traditional M-Series air distribution system has been replaced with the Turbo-Flo™ air distribution system. This advancement in technology brings with it several improvements to enhance the operation of your pump. All pumps previously referred to as an M-Series are now part of the Turbo-Flo™ family of pumps.

To further enhance the performance and reliability of the air-operated pumps within your operation, Wilden now offers the latest technological advancements in air distribution systems. ThePro-Flo™, and Accu-Flo™ air systems offer lube-free and non-stalling operation, as well as, improved performance and efficiency. These three air systems are also exclusively available with the new Advanced Series™ line of pumps which offer superior containment, larger solids passage and the increased flow rates required for today's more demanding operational needs.

To take advantage of the latest technology, Wilden offers a variety of retrofit kits to upgrade existing M-Series and T-series pumps. Contact Diaphragm Pumps Ltd for details.

NOTE: M-Series exploded views and parts lists have been replaced by the Turbo-Flo™ pump line and can be found in the Turbo-Flo™ EOM manuals. The difference is with the Main shaft & O Rings which are still available for the M Series