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DEPA L Type- Polished Stainless Steel Pumps

DEPA Polished Stainless Pumps

The DEPA L Type series are made extra bright polished stainless steel developed for applications in the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and beverage industries. In these industries stainless steel pumps have been an indispensable standard for many years, used for process and transfer duties.

The high demands placed on pumps with respect to housing materials (stainless steel 304 or 316 L), surface quality (up to 0.5 µm available) and approved elastomer materials (FDA) can be met with this versatile range.

This range can be supplied with the option of internal or external lubricant free air control valves. Contamination of the pumped medium and the surrounding environment is therefore eliminated. Cleaning methods and ability to sterilise i.e. CIP (Clean in Place) and SIP (Sterilise in Place), which have varying standards throughout the world, were also focal points during the design of these pumps. Polished stainless steel pumps are therefore available as SL (304) or UE (316 L) versions with extra bright tightening clamp bands and as DH-UE version in a flanged construction design.

Pumps can be specified with optional fluid connections, such as dairy tube fitting. Aseptic DIN 11864, Triclamp or Neumo, as required for the application.

Due to large ball valve clearances these pumps can handle media containing solids, such as pieces of fruit, meat or vegetable. Solid Size is dependant on the pump size. These sensitive products are transferred through the pump without damage.

All polished stainless steel pumps are delivered with an extra bright polished frame, which, on some models, is adjustable in height.

  • Key features: A range of air operated diaphragm pumps proven in the market place for its mobility and ease of maintenance.
  • Size Range: DN 15 – DN 80
  • Pressure Rating: Std 7 Bar (additional on request)
  • Approvals: BS EN ISO 9001, EHEDG, 3A, USDA, FDA approved materials available.
  • Key Applications: Food and beverage, Healthcare, Dairy, Pharmaceutical and Biopharm and Fine powders.
Powder Pumping: The pumping of fine powders with air operated diaphragm pumps is a specialized application in which we have a considerable experience with our DEPA range.

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