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DEPA M Type- Cast Metal Pumps

DEPA Metal Pump Range

More than 20 models with different sizes and designs are available in the DEPA M Type range. The sturdy cast metal construction ensures high abrasion resistance when pumping abrasive media, a low flow resistance due to the high surface finish, availability throughout a wide temperature range, excellent corrosion resistance and a long lifetime.

In combination with the well-established air control system these compact and powerful cast metal pumps are easy to transport and are therefore used as mobile units or stationary equipment.

Great attention has been made to the ease of maintenance in order to minimize downtimes. Due to the use of stainless steel clamp bands DEPA air operated diaphragm pumps are clearly distinguished from other air operated diaphragm pumps. They can be easily disassembled without any special tools. Special emphasis must also be placed on the modular design, which reduces the number of spare parts.

  • Key features: A range of air operated diaphragm pumps proven in the market place for its mobility and ease of maintenance.
  • Size Range: DN 15 – DN 80
  • Pressure Rating: Maximum 21 Bar, Std 7 Bar
  • Approvals: BS EN ISO 9001, FDA approved materials available.
  • Key Applications: Chemical industry, Petrochemicals, Waste water, Ceramic and Porcelain industry, Construction sites and Fine powders.
Powder Pumping: The pumping of fine powders with air operated diaphragm pumps is a specialized application in which we have a considerable experience with our DEPA range.

DEPA Brochure pdf

This pump we believe is also marketed as the Stork® Blood Pump by Stork PMT B V Poultry Processing Machinery and technology