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DEPA P Type- Plastic Pumps

DEPA Plastic Pumps

The DEPA P Type series are made of mechanically manufactured or specially injection moulded plastic parts and were designed for problem free pumping of corrosive and abrasive materials in galvanic applications, in the chemical industry and in mechanical engineering.

By using computer aided injection methods a high quality surface finish is achieved, which ensures low flow losses and excellent abrasion resistance.

Despite the compact construction this design offers high mechanical stability. Pumps constructed of electrically conductive plastic materials enhance the product range. These enable the conveyance of non-conductive products in explosion endangered environments.

The wide range of construction materials available enables the universal use of these pump. A choice can be made between internal and external mounted air control valves. ANSI, DIN and JIS flanges as well as threaded connections are alternatively available. Product contact parts (diaphragms, valve seats and balls) are available in a selection of materials to ensure compatibility with a wide range of pumped media.

  • Key features: A range of air operated diaphragm pumps proven in the market place for its mobility and ease of maintenance.
  • Size Range: DN 8 – DN 80
  • Pressure Rating: 7 Bar
  • Approvals: BS EN ISO 9001, FDA approved materials available.
  • Key Applications: Chemical industry, Petrochemicals, Coatings, Paint, Pulp & Paper industry including Ink, Ceramics and Fine powders.
Powder Pumping: The pumping of fine powders with air operated diaphragm pumps is a specialized application in which we have a considerable experience with our DEPA range.

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